SureSoft® PelletsPlus® with Resin Clean®

Optimize your water softener system’s performance. PelletsPlus with Resin Clean water softener salt delivers high-purity compacted pellets that easily dissolve to reduce residue buildup, minimize maintenance and extend the life of your home’s water softener system.

Uniquely Purposed

  • Helps minimize residue and maintenance
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 60 by NSF, a leading independent public health and safety organization
  • Cleans resin beads to extend the life of water softener systems
  • Eco-friendly bags contain 20% recycled materials
  • Also available in cubes


AVAILABLE SIZES 40 lb. bag, 50 lb. bag
A digital image of three salt pellets lying side by side



National Sanitation Foundation NSF/ANSI/CAN 60 certification badge.

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Sodium Chloride Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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SureSoft PelletsPlus with Resin Clean Product Data Sheet (PDS)

Easy answers to your hard water problems.

Designed to address a variety of hard water issues, our complete line of water softener salt products deliver proven performance for family and home.

Five different bags of SureSoft water softener salt
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