We offer a range of bulk deicing salt products to meet your every demand.

All of our products meet BS3247:2011 specifications. Winsford rock salt is more than 90% pure sodium chloride with the remaining insolubles consisting mainly of Keuper Marl, which is a layer of clay from the late Triassic or ‘Keuper’ period. Keuper Marl has weathering properties which give Winsford Rock Salt its unique ‘thatching’ effect, protecting the salt quality. Marl also contributes to improved friction when salt is used as a highway deicer.

Bagged Rock Salt

Our standard Thawrox® 6mm rock salt can be purchased in bulk quantities of 25kg bags to existing customers.

Due to the manageable 25kg size, they can be transported and stored with ease in a variety of locations.

Our 25kg bags are weather resistant and can therefore be stored outside without fear of degradation or tearing.


DryRox 6 is the ideal deicing product for customers who need an assured low-moisture salt. It contains a small quantity of anti-caking additive to maintain spreading properties after prolonged storage. View the full DryRox product sheet.

DryStore Sheeting

DryStore is Compass Minerals’ ideal storage solution for bulk quantities of rock salt – cost effective and easy to maintain. DryStore is a unique salt-covering system that helps salt stocks stay dry by means of a patented air vent and weighting system. DryStore is specially designed to allow quick, easy access to salt stocks, while maintaining protection from the rain, meaning less erosion of salt stocks – and budgets too.

Leaving salt uncovered can negatively affect quality, damage the environment and lead to financial penalties owing to stock losses. Installing DryStore will transform your winter maintenance operations.

Ease of access

DryStore is easy to install and highly effective for rock salt storage. Full installation and supervision by the Compass Minerals team is included.

DryStore was created with easy day-to-day maintenance in mind, DryStore is designed to be especially light to handle and easy to look after. Rolling back the lightweight sheeting to allow access to the part of the pile that’s needed and replacing it securely afterwards is easily done.

Maintains salt quality

DryStore helps maintain the quality of the salt stocks, no matter how long they are stored before use. Unlike some other bulk salt storage products, there is no risk of additives, such as Safecote®, being lost from pre-treated salt stocks.

Strategic bulk rock salt storage

DryStore is perfect for strategic long-term stockpiling or for any salt stocks that cannot be stored in a fixed structure such as salt domes or salt storage buildings.

Better for the environment

When it comes to rock salt storage, DryStore is a greener solution, significantly reducing the amount of salt lost due to leaching and providing an excellent means of managing any environmental risks associated with bulk rock salt storage.

Thawrox® 6mm Rock Salt

Thawrox 6mm rock salt is the ideal fine grade of deicing salt for winter maintenance. It contains a small quantity of anti-caking additive to maintain spreading properties after prolonged storage. View the Thawrox 6mm product sheet.

Thawrox® 10mm Rock Salt

Thawrox 10mm rock salt is the ideal coarse grade of deicing salt for winter maintenance. It contains a small quantity of anti-caking additive to maintain spreading properties after prolonged storage. View the Thawrox 10mm product sheet.


Thawrox+ is an innovative combination of rock salt and a natural agricultural by-product. It is designed with clear measurable operational and environmental benefits. Not only does it improve spreading efficiency and increase resilience, Thawrox+ also helps reduce corrosion to both vehicles and infrastructure.

What is Thawrox+

Thawrox+ is a 6mm rock salt that has been premixed with an agricultural by-product – a derivative of sugar production called Safecote® – which has powerful anti-icing, deicing and corrosion inhibition properties.

What makes it so effective

The additive Safecote® has been used in conjunction with rock salt in the U.K. for over 15 years. Thawrox+ is ideal for precautionary salting during periods of cold weather.

An even flow

Rock salt can be prone to bridging and tunnelling in vehicle hoppers, leading to problems with spreading. The special additive that coats the rock salt particles makes it flow evenly through the vehicle hopper, with little or no clogging to spinners and chutes.

Greater efficiency – greater resilience

The spread pattern is more efficient as the additive binds the finer rock salt particles together – this helps reduce wind borne loss and also cuts down bounce off in the larger particles. As a result, the spread pattern is more efficient, offering greater spread widths and up to 30% reduction in salt usage. What’s more, with reduced spreading, vehicles do not need to return to the depots so often, so spreading routes can be optimised, overall operational costs can be reduced and resilience increased.

Reduced costs and less salt metal corrosion

Thawrox+ offers a number of cost benefits, these benefits include:

  • Good adhesion to the road, keeping the surface damp for several days
  • Significant metal corrosion protection – the life expectancy of spreading vehicles can be increased with continued use of Thawrox+; Customers who have used pre-wetted technology for longer periods have found the life expectancy of a spreading vehicle chassis can be reduced by at least two years
  • Less freeze/thaw damage to carriageways
  • Reduced salt corrosion of street furniture such as streetlamps and road signs – cutting down on maintenance and capital costs
  • Less wash-down time for the spreading vehicles

Easy to use

Despite the innovative nature of the product, no specialised equipment is needed to use it – so there is no additional capital outlay required.

Greener solution to deicing

In addition to all the practical and economic benefits, Thawrox+ is better for the environment too. Owing to the additive deriving from a food grade renewable source, it degrades easily and as less of the product is needed, the amount of chloride entering the environment in the first place is significantly reduced.

View the Thawrox+ product sheet for additional information.

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