SureSoft® Pool Salt for a beautiful saltwater pool.

From the moment you jump into a saltwater pool, you can feel the difference. The water is smooth, refreshing and gentler on your eyes and skin. With quick-dissolving crystals and a natural stain fighter, the proven performance of SureSoft Pool Salt helps deliver the sparkling clear water that only a saltwater pool can provide and gets your home oasis ready for fun in no time!

A bag of SureSoft Pool Salt.
Two adults and two children splashing around in a pool with a big purple ball.

SureSoft Pool Salt Benefits

  • Clear, sparkling water.
  • Contains a natural stain fighter to maintain the beautiful finish of your pool.
  • Eliminates the need to handle hazardous chemicals.
  • Helps provide water that is gentler on your skin, eyes and hair.
  • Extra-fine, quick dissolving crystals more easily mix into pool water.

Are you a swimming pool professional?

ProSoft® Pool Salt is designed for pool professionals, offering a high-quality product for your saltwater pool customers.

The front of a bag of ProSoft Pool Salt.