We look at diversity across a broad set of dimensions. This helps us appreciate the uniqueness of all people and represent the full diversity present in the communities where we live and work. We’ve broadened how we search for, engage and promote talent. At Compass Minerals, we know that diverse experiences and thinking styles help us build an inclusive culture and exceptional business results.

LINK Employee Resource Groups

Our LINK (Leading, Inspiring, Networking and Knowing) employee resource groups make a difference at Compass Minerals. They bring employees together to address issues impacting our business. In the process, they demonstrate how inclusion enhances employee engagement, creates opportunities and drives business results. Women’s LINK was launched in 2017. Later that year, our Emerging Leaders LINK was formed. There are active LINK groups at many Compass Minerals locations.

Inclusion for High Performance

As an organization, Compass Minerals is committed to creating a workplace that respects and values the diversity of the people and communities around us. Our I4HP Learning Series allows us to dive into topics related to inclusion. These speaker events, panel discussions and video casts help us understand how an inclusive culture leads to high performance.


Giving people an opportunity to have a voice and to make a difference.

Michelle Hoggatt
Buyer, Procurement, Cote Blanche
We touch lives in all aspects of agriculture.

Renil Anthony
Senior Formulation Scientist, Stilwell
I feel like you’re really well taken care of working for Compass Minerals.

Jesus Irungaray
Operator, Ogden
Every day, I get to work with people who really care about making the world a better place.

Tara Cyr
Corporate Counsel, Legal, Overland Park
It’s just a great place to work and I’m really happy to be here.

Lisa Svazich
Manager, EHS&S, Goderich Plant
Our Emerging Leaders LINK employee resource group focuses on developing professional skills and leadership qualities.

Joel Gerdes
Director, U.S. Highway Sales Overland Park
I’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow and be taught.

David Dockstader
Maintenance Technician, Ogden
I have made many friends over the years and been exposed to so many different kinds of people.

DeEtt Hobbs
Site Coordinator, Stilwell