Our work and our success mean responsibility. Compass Minerals understands that we have a duty to care for our employees, our communities and the world around us.

Community Engagement

Giving is essential. Compass Minerals Cares helps our company and our employees positively impact the communities where we live and work. This program focuses on our core pillars of community engagement. These include company gifts and volunteer opportunities. We’re empowering, supporting and encouraging outreach in the places we call home.

Our People are Clearly Essential

At Compass Minerals, our mission is to be the best essential minerals company by safely delivering where and when it matters.


We are a leading provider of essential minerals that provide solutions to nature’s challenges. Our people are Clearly Essential.


View the Compass Minerals Clearly Essential Video

Corporate Sustainability

We have a clear vision of our corporate purpose. This means building a sustainable company. We work to ensure safety throughout our operations and in the communities where we’re located. And we act as stewards of the resources we manage, working to minimize or mitigate our environmental impact. For Compass Minerals, corporate sustainability also means achieving long-term growth to drive strong financial results and real returns for our shareholders. And it means doing all of this with transparency and accountability. 


View the 2018 Sustainability Report 

I started as an intern and that led me to my full-time position on the product management team.

Tess Virden
Marketing Associate , Overland Park
Training and development opportunities here at Compass Minerals have been fantastic to me.

Dawn Nachbar
Manager, Business Solutions , Overland Park
It’s technically a big, publicly traded company, but it’s got that small company feel where you know everyone and everyone knows you.

Dylan Heithoff
Accountant , Overland Park
There are many great opportunities within the company if you are looking to move up, expand your knowledge and learn other aspects of the business.

Lou Gulka
Scientific Technologist - Air Quality and Safety Specialist , Cote Blanche
It’s great to learn from other employees.

Peter Shaw
Central Control Supervisor , Goderich Mine
At Compass Minerals, this is where it’s at.

Erica Fox
Administrative Support , Ogden
We do many outside activities to support the community as well as supporting internal employees.

Mary Daugherty
Supervisor, MasterData , Overland Park
My time here, I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. I’ve been able to develop a lot of skills.

Bruce Rowe
Lab Associate , Stilwell