Compass Minerals Introduces Seed Finisher to Rocket Seeds™ Portfolio

Compass Minerals today announced the launch of Rocket Seeds™ Moly Shine™ seed finisher. Moly Shine is ideally suited for soybeans and legumes and has the added benefit of micronutrients. It marks the most recent innovation from the company’s Plant Nutrition business unit.

“With Moly Shine, we’ve created a product to optimize delivery of key nutrients to legume crops during early stand establishment,” said Dr. Ryan Bartlett, vice president, innovation and product development. “By delivering these nutrients directly on the seed, we’re able to offer significant benefit to growers.”

As a seed finisher, Moly Shine acts as a seed-drying source and also improves lubrication and flowability. It’s a pioneering addition to the Rocket Seeds portfolio of dry and liquid seed nutrition.

Learn more about this unique seed finisher here.