Compass Minerals Demonstrates Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

Compass Minerals is dedicated to environmental stewardship and prioritizes sustainability by actively addressing its direct impact on the environment.

Through measures such as managing freshwater use, energy consumption and minimizing waste sent to landfills, the company pushes to operate in a manner that respects and conserves natural resources.

Recognizing that the company relies on natural resources to produce its products, Compass Minerals focuses on the sustainable utilization of Earth’s natural resources to deliver products that help keep people safe, feed the world and enrich lives, every day.

During Earth Week, April 22-26, employees across the organization come together to commemorate and reinforce these priorities. Activities at the company’s sites include roadside or shore clean ups, volunteering with local organizations focused on conversation and preservation, and information sessions on how everyone can make an environmental impact.

By engaging in these activities, Compass Minerals not only demonstrates its dedication to environmental sustainability but also fosters a culture of collective responsibility and action toward preserving and enhancing the health of our planet.

You can learn more about Compass Minerals’ commitment to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that matter most to the company and its stakeholders in the Fiscal 2023 ESG Report.