Safe Step®

Clearing the Way to a Beautiful Home®

Safe Step offers a broad range of ice melters that deliver outstanding deicing performance tailored to your specific needs. Each formulation features the Performance Meter that allows you to quickly pick the right product for your weather conditions.


Sifto® Safe Step®

For all your ice melting needs, Sifto® Safe Step® is the proven choice.

Sifto Safe Step is a dependable and trusted Canadian brand with a complete line of ice melters to meet every need and price point. Sifto Safe Step features unique products in multiple package sizes, covering a wide range of performance capabilities.




Part of the Sifto® brand family. Truly Canadian Quality Products Trusted by Families Since 1867.™


Sifto® Safe Step® Ice Salt™

Sifto® Safe Step® Xtreme®

Sifto® Safe Step® Enviro-Guard®

Sifto® Safe Step® Sure Paws®

Sifto® Safe Step® Nature’s Power® Magnesium Chloride