We have a steadfast commitment to ensuring that our working conditions and our culture support a safe and injury-free workplace.

We employ a comprehensive approach to workplace health and safety that covers risk identification assessment and eliminating or mitigating these risks throughout our operations. Our policies, procedures, training and company standards go beyond compliance because we recognize that our safety metrics are a leading indicator of our progress toward overall operational excellence.

“At Compass Minerals, our employees are at the core of our operations. Our number one priority is our dedication to safely guiding our employees home to their family and friends, every day. As we comply with local jurisdiction and regulatory requirements, our approach is to also focus on recognizing and avoiding hazards that could result in injury. We’re developing a safety culture to help lead us to the ultimate goal of zero incidents.”

-George Schuller, Chief Operations Officer

Our Top Risks and Hazards

These focus areas represent the top safety risks we have identified and manage in the operations. Our ongoing focus on mitigation of risks associated with Significant Injuries and Fatalities (SIFs) continues to drive down the severity of our workplace injuries. Below is a comprehensive list of our Top Risks in the order in which they apply and are highest priorities:

Stockpile risks Bulk loading Interaction with moving vehicles Fires Ground control Hazardous energy isolation/lock out tag out Electrical hazards Working at heights Mine shafts and conveyances Fire and chemical reactions prevention Machine safeguarding Confined space work Lifting and handling cargo Handling of hazardous products Chlorine Bag storage

We address these areas in two ways:

  • A risk-based approach that works to eliminate them
  • Heightened engagement with Hearts & Minds, a robust set of strategies and tools designed to strengthen safety culture

For each injury incident, we assess the Severity Index (SI) and potential for a SIF outcome, regardless of the actual outcome of the event. We target a 10% reduction in our average SI of injury cases annually, as well as a 10% annual reduction in injury cases with potential for a SIF outcome.

Progress on Targets

Our focused and diligent approach to mitigating significant risks has helped drive improvements in our Total Case Injury Rate for two consecutive years. The severity of injury cases our employees experienced had a slight increase in 2018 due to two incidents early in the year. We anticipate further maturity improvement as we continue integration of our Brazilian operations into our safety and environmental management systems.

28% Reduction in our injury rate compared to 2017 building on 32% reduction the prior year
Safety Data 2016 2017 2018
Injury rate (TCIR) 3.38 2.31 1.70
Severity index (SI) 10.7 6.0 7.6

Bringing our Safety Culture to Brazil

As part of our focus on reducing the severity of our workplace injuries, we implemented our Top Risk strategy in Brazil with local customization.

Early adoption of some key elements on working from heights has been evident at a Brazil production plant in Jacareí, where horizontal lifelines and portable fall arrest anchor points have been implemented to mitigate the risks associated with big bag stacking and truck loading.

To learn more about our approach and performance around safety, please see pages 43 to 46 in our full GRI/SASB report.

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