Rocket Seeds® Named New Product of the Year

Readers of Farm Journal’s Ag Professional magazine have voted Rocket Seeds® as the 2019 New Product of the Year.

Rocket Seeds represent a new category of seed nutrition. The products focus on the early stages of crop growth. They provide large-scale accessibility of seed nutrition products to distributors, retailers and growers. Each product provides a highly concentrated, plant-available nutrient source, giving crops an early boost.

“It seemed like an obvious fit on the farm and why not put something that adds agronomic value to the seed,” says Dr. Ryan Bartlett, vice president, innovation and product development at Compass Minerals. “The farmer can apply the product just as they have with traditional seed lubricants or graphite – it’s a simple change out that gives crops that early boost they need.”

Learn more about the innovative Rocket Seeds product line here.

This is the 13th year AgPro has recognized innovative products. To qualify for consideration, products had to be available for the 2019 season. They also had to be useful to the retailers, agronomists and crop consultants that make up the magazine’s readership. These readers voted on the final winner.