Produquímica Honored with Agro+ Integrity Seal 2018

Produquímica, a Compass Minerals company, received the Agro+ Integrity Seal 2018, a recognition for Brazilian companies that adopt good governance and strong management practices that support a culture of compliance and prevent fraud and corruption at all levels.

“At Compass Minerals, we are guided by our Core Values and central to those values is our commitment to operate with integrity,” said Gustavo Vasques, Compass Minerals’ president, South America. “We are honored to be one of the few companies to receive the Agro+ Integrity Seal, which recognizes our commitment to compete fairly and operate transparently, safely and sustainably.”

In 2017, the Brazil Ministry of Agriculture launched The Agro+ Integrity program to promote good practices and ethical conduct in agricultural companies. More than 1,000 companies participated in the first stage of selection and only 11 companies received the recognition.