Major U.S. Hardware Retailers Recognize Compass Minerals as Vendor of the Year

Two of the country’s leading hardware retailers – Ace Hardware and Do It Best Corp. – recently named Compass Minerals their 2022 Vendor of the Year in recognition of the company’s exceptional customer service and deicing products. 

“We have worked with Ace Hardware and Do It Best Corp. for many years, delivering superior deicing products when and where they need them,” said Jamie Standen, Chief Commercial Officer. “Compass Minerals is committed to superior fulfillment, and we’re proud to be recognized by these two leading U.S. hardware retailers for our exceptional service and product performance.”

Compass Minerals supplies Ace Hardware and Do it Best Corp. with a broad line of deicers, including Safe Step® residential ice melters. Retailers and consumers alike rely on Compass Minerals for a full array of winter safety products, from rock salt to premium magnesium chloride-based products that are environmentally friendly and safe for pets and families.