Goderich Sites Donate $15,000 to the Dialysis 95 + 20 Campaign

Compass Minerals’ Goderich sites recently donated $15,000 to the Dialysis 95 + 20 campaign, a 100 day campaign aimed to upgrade and refurbish the dialysis center at the Alexandra Marine and General Hospital.

Although the town of Goderich currently has a dialysis unit, the limited number of chairs makes it insufficient – ultimately resulting in Goderich residents traveling to London for treatment. This trip turns a half day of treatment into a full day commitment. Patients frequently receive multiple treatments a week, making the amount of time traveling overwhelming. With the help of this campaign, more patients will be able to receive their treatments locally.

By the end of 100 days, the campaign surpassed its initial goal of $125,000 and raised $150,000. With this additional money, much needed items that were not included in the first request can be addressed.