Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition Creates a New Category of Seed Nutrition with Launch of Rocket Seeds™

Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition, a division of Compass Minerals, has launched Rocket Seeds, a portfolio of dry and liquid seed nutritionals, featuring unique, patent-pending products. The seed nutritional portfolio is formulated to increase early growth and plant vigor, when it matters most.

With the launch of Rocket Seeds, Compass Minerals creates a new category for seed nutrition by providing large-scale accessibility of seed nutrition products to distributors, retailers and growers. Each of the products in the Rocket Seeds portfolio offers exceptional nutritional value and a different combination of nutrients to improve plant quality, stand and maximize root mass.

Two of the four newly launched Rocket Seeds products, PMZ Dry and PMZ Liquid, are specially formulated to boost early-season root growth for corn, wheat and all other major row crops. When applied to soybeans and other pulse crops, Moly Dry and Moly Liquid products help to improve nitrogen efficiency of plants, produce larger, more vigorous seedlings and enhance nodulation.

Providing proper nutrition to the seed ensures earlier availability of key nutrients at the very beginning of a plant’s life cycle. Rocket Seeds provide a highly concentrated, plant available nutrient source to a young crop during this stressful period, resulting in a higher quality plant and crop performance.

“Most nutritionals are applied reactively – after someone notices the crop has a deficiency – but, our products are applied directly on the seed to support the earliest stages of crop growth,” said Kyle Lilly, senior product manager for Compass Minerals. “Think about Rocket Seeds as the most efficient way to use fertilizer; a small amount of fertilizer on the seed ensures that a young crop will have the best shot to reach its potential. While traditional seed treatments provide an insurance policy against pest and disease pressure, seed nutritionals, like Rocket Seeds, provide a boost, regardless of season-to-season variability.”

Through extensive research and development, Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition is dedicated to developing new technologies, like Rocket Seeds, to ensure better, early availability of nutrients for every plant, at every crop stage, across every acre.

Rocket Seeds products have been broadly tested in the laboratory, growth chamber, greenhouse, and in the field. Moly Liquid, for example, has been applied on 2.5 million acres of soybeans in Brazil with excellent results. Rocket Seeds are designed to deliver nutrition as close to the seed as possible, at the very beginning of a plant’s life, with the goal of establishing early root growth and addressing early stress.

Rocket Seeds offers a unique combination of products, each with patent-pending formulations, designed to deliver maximum nutrition:

For use on corn, wheat, and all other major row crops:

Rocket Seeds PMZ Dry is a dry seed nutritional with a patent-pending formulation (1-10-0, 8% Zn, 2% Mn) designed to improve early root growth and plant vigor. An excellent talc and graphite replacement, its unique nutritional package creates a longer, more developed root system. The product’s distinct formulation adds agronomic value, while simultaneously improving seed flow through the planter. PMZ Dry addresses common challenges in the early stages of crop growth by improving resistance to early season cold and water stress.

Rocket Seeds PMZ Liquid is a liquid seed nutritional with a patent-pending formulation (2-16-0, 11% Zn, 3% Mn) designed to create more root surface area to take up water and nutrients. The liquid suspension coats seeds evenly and provides critical, early-season nutrition. The ratio of phosphorous, manganese and zinc ensures the plant has the nutrients needed to begin vigorous growth and build a strong, fibrous root system. High zinc levels enable the crop to handle cold and water stress. PMZ Liquid has been tested to ensure the seed viability is not harmed and is compatible with common seed treatment mixes, including rhizobia and biologicals.

For use on soybeans and pulse crops:

Rocket Seeds Moly Dry is a dry seed nutritional with a patent-pending formulation (1-5-0, 1.5% Fe, 3% Mn, 3% Mo, 10.5% Zn) that promotes early growth for soybeans and legumes. The molybdenum improves nodulation and nitrogen efficiency and produces larger, more vigorous seedlings. By providing proper nutrition to the seed, plants can better withstand early season cold and water stress while progressing through the vegetative growth stage. The product is an excellent seed finisher and improves lubrication and flowability through the planter. Moly Dry is the right seed nutritional to address critical nutritional needs in early stages of soybean and legume growth to maximize yield.

Rocket Seeds Moly Liquid is an innovative liquid seed nutritional with a patent-pending formulation (0-0-2, 9% Mo, .45% Co, .9% Ni) that improves nitrogen uptake efficiency in soybeans and other nitrogen-fixing crops. The unique combination of nickel, cobalt and molybdenum increases nodulation to improve early-season nitrogen uptake, and promotes amino acid, protein and sugar development in early crop growth. These nutrients are essential components of a high-yielding soybean program. More nitrogen uptake builds a more fibrous root system and, when used in conjunction with an inoculant, nodulation is increased and extended. Moly Liquid is a proven component of record-breaking soybean yield programs.

Rocket Seeds products are now available through select agricultural retailers.