Compass Minerals Announces Multi-Year Agreement with Employees at Lyons Plant

Compass Minerals is proud to announce a collective bargaining agreement has been reached with Lyons, Kansas, plant employees represented by International Chemical Workers Union Council, Local 278C and United Food and Commercial Workers Union, CLC. 

“We strive to maintain positive relationships with all our employees, including those who are represented, and we consider the results of this negotiation a success for both our employees and Compass Minerals,” said Terry Spencer, plant manager at the Lyons plant. “We acknowledge the true value of our employees and this agreement proves we are committed to these efforts.”

The agreement comes with multiple employee benefits including operations improvements, continued short-term disability and a newly negotiated long-term disability program.

“Our goal is to work with Compass Minerals to make sure their employees are satisfied with the outcome of the agreement so they are encouraged to make Compass Minerals their long-term home,” said Marshall Christmann, union president for Lyons employees. “We are pleased the collaboration with Compass Minerals has led to the negotiation of this multi-year agreement and I continue to hope future negotiations will bring about similar positive outcomes.”

The Lyons plant is one of Compass Minerals’ four mechanical evaporation plants. The plant manufactures salt used for water conditioning products to help combat the effects of hard water throughout North America. Additionally, the Lyons plant produces and packages bulk food-grade salt and salt for agriculture uses.